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Spring Clean Safely

Spring Clean Safely The end of winter brings warmer temperatures and brighter days, and what better place to spend time outdoors than in your own backyard oasis? Before you can enjoy sunny days in the garden or by the pool, spring cleaning is a must – but bear in mind a few things to help […]

Make Your New Space Shine With 4 Types of Lighting

Make Your New Space Shine With 4 Types of Lighting Lighting plays a key role in showcasing all the design elements of a space. Too often, it’s overlooked or an afterthought, which can lead to delays and extra costs. Choosing the wrong kind of lighting, or not installing it correctly, could also risk the safety […]

Backsplash Some Life Into Your Kitchen

Backsplash Some Life Into Your Kitchen With the burgeoning trend toward neutral kitchens, the backsplash offers an opportunity to inject personality into this high-traffic space. A slab backsplash is a luxury choice in marble, limestone, granite, quartz, concrete, or back painted glass. Regardless of choice, remember that the backsplash will be interrupted by electrical outlets […]

It’s Renovation Time! 8 tips to help identify your electrical needs

It’s Renovation Time! 8 tips to help identify your electrical needs 1. Make a list To get the most accurate quotes, make a list of exactly what you want done to help determine your electrical needs. Complete lighting plans early and review them with your Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC). Changing plans in the middle of […]

Tech Tips to Create a Smart Home

Tech Tips to Create a Smart Home Many homeowners look for ways to add the latest tech gadgets to their home. First it was satellite dishes and surround sound systems to enhance their home theaters. Now, homeowners are incorporating connected gadgets and devices like Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, security cameras and smart plugs to provide safety, security […]

Install Some Movie Magic

Home Theatre Creating the perfect atmosphere for watching sporting events, cartoons or the latest thriller requires more than just a comfy couch and popcorn – you need the right lighting. Not only are dimmers a must for any TV area, why not also consider adding low-ambient floor lighting? This is a great technique for lighting […]

Basements Loaded

Basements Loaded Making your basement a well-loved family space is all about design, whether it’s a kid-friendly zone, home theatre, or office nook. For every family, there’s a perfect room that brings everyone together, and in some cases gives everyone personal space. Warm & Bright Since the basement is often dark and cool, brighten things […]

The Kitchen Island

The Kitchen Island Whether you use your kitchen island as an entertainment centre, a homework spot or a pastry prep area, getting the most out of this hardworking hub takes planning and the right professionals. Here are four elements to consider when planning a beautiful kitchen island: Plan for Entertaining If you host dinner parties […]

Maximizing Your Master

Maximizing Your Master The master bedroom is your space to retreat from the world and recharge after a long day. Although it is often one of the final rooms to be renovated, it deserves special attention. If you’re planning to create your dream master bedroom, it’s important to work with the right experts. An interior […]

Testing Your Outlet IQ

Testing Your Outlet IQ Not all outlets are created equal. In fact, there are different types of outlets – also referred to as receptacles – required for different electrical needs and spaces in your home. But do you know which outlets to use where? Here are the three outlets you should know about: 1 Tamper […]