It’s Renovation Time! 8 tips to help identify your electrical needs

It’s Renovation Time! 8 tips to help identify your electrical needs

1. Make a list
To get the most accurate quotes, make a list of exactly what you want done to help determine your electrical needs. Complete lighting plans early and review them with your Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC). Changing plans in the middle of a project will cost extra!

2. Set a Clear Budget
Always include a contingency of 20 percent to handle overlooked expenses.

3. Follow the rule of three
Get written estimates from at least three contractors and get at least three references (and check them!) from people who’ve had similar work done.

4. Get detailed quotes
Ensure quotes include as many details as possible—including the required permit for electrical work in Ontario—with an itemized list of products and services and their prices.

5. Ask for recommendations
When it comes to hiring professionals like interior designers, architects and general contractors, ask for recommendations from friends and neighbours. Always verify the service provider holds valid insurance and verify their subcontractors hold valid insurance and applicable licenses as well.

6. Use an LEC
Whether you’re hiring subcontractors on your own or relying on a general contractor or interior designer to do so, when it comes to electrical, make sure you’re using an LEC. It’s the law!

7. Be cautious
Never accept an estimate over the phone or without the contractor inspecting the area.

8. Remember
If it sounds too good to be true (too inexpensive or too fast) it probably is!

For more tips, questions to ask, and information on your rights and responsibilities, visit Consumer Protection Ontario at

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